How to Get Facebook Fanpage webaddress or url

How to Get Facebook Fanpage webaddress or url

                    Today in this Modern world we all wakeup with phone and sleep with phone.Mobile phones are evolving like monster.Past year we got 1gb ram phone at 8000INR(approx 120$).But in 2016 we get phone having many features like fingerprint sensor,Ir blaster,PDAF camera at the same price.See what a dramatic change!,I never expect this much seriously.Yeah Fine.Get into point. We all have Facebook account and somebody even maintain some facebook fanpage.if  not then just go and create page and share your thoughts or spread your brand to your friends.

Why we need Facebook fanpage URL:

Because if you want to integrate your fanpage to your website.Then you need the facebook fanpage URL.But unfortunately there is some terms & conditions in order to get particular fanpage webaddress.The condition is your fanpage must get minmum of 25 likes to create facebook fanpage Web address.

Have 25 likes Then ?

Then what Go to your facebook fanpage.Click About Icon.If you cannot find "About". See the below image for reference.
Facebook Fanpage url


The above Image is my facebook fanpage .I already crossed that likes limit. so i created.If you not cross 25 likes then it tells "Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a web address.".For reference see the below image.

Facebook Fanpage webaddress


Verdict:If you have 25 likes then you are good to go to have your Page webaddress.






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