How to hide the folder from your pc without software

How to hide the folder from your pc without software

How to hide the folder from your PC without any software:


 Now I am going to show you how to hide the folder or file from your PC without any Software. Actually, it is possible if you are using windows OS (operating system installed).

So simple It is Just TWO Minute PROCESS.I will show you how doing this.Please follow my step,i will guide you friends.

Step 1:Select the folder you want to hide .Then Press ALT+ENTER.Now PROPERTIES window will open.

Step 2:At the bottom you see the Attributes column,Under that you see two options,

            The one is READ ONLY which is already ticked.

            The next one is HIDDEN wich is unticked.

Step 3:Please tick that HIDDEN option.

Step4:select apply. A new popup window opens and ask you to "apply changes to this folder   only" or "apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files"

Step 5:Choose which option you want.Then click OK.Now see!Your folder was hidden. Don't get panic. It  goes nowhere, it is there only. It's just invisible to your eyes only, not from  the computer.

Step 6:Now if you want to see the hidden folder,Just go to my computer Click "view" and TICK the                     "HIDDEN ITEMS".
hide the folder from your pc

            Now go and see the location of that folder, it is present there, but you saw some                        changes in that folder.It appeared as dull folder which intimates it is hidden.

Step 7:Again Go to properties and Remove the tick mark from that HIDDEN option.It will come to normal.