How to Hide Folders In Smartphones Without using any Application

How to Hide Folders In Smartphones Without using any Application software

Today Everyone has Smartphone.The Most important personal & secret information is to be in their smartphones only.So Here i revealed you "How to hide some particular folder in your smartphone internal storage or External memory card" without having any dedicated Softwares.Yes,There are many softwares which help you hide your folder For that you have to download that app installing it and run it.By doing so only you can hide apart from that  it uses some RAM and occupies space.So,Instead of installing Apps we can hide the particular folder by using feature of Android OS.Yeah Many of You Don't know that Android OS itself provide the service of hidding the folder.Good to Hear That!.

I am using Samsung J3Smartphone.Above are the screenshots of my Smartphone that having the Feature of Hidding the Folder.I hope your smartphone has the feature.Now get into the point.

  • "CONCEAL HIDDEN FOLDER"- hide your hidden folder from your My files

  • "SHOW HIDDEN FOLDER"-It shows your hidden folder in your My Files.

What to do to Hide the folder?

The answer is Just add "dot" before the folder name by renaming the folder.

That's it.Now your Folder is hidden.Now Go and search the folder.You not find it as it is Hidden state.

How to View the Hidden Folder?

The above Image is the answer.when Click the "Show hidden files" button,your hidden folder is visible to everyone in My files like the below image.

Note:If you know any other Method to hide the Folder without Using Software.Kindly share your Ideas In the Comment section.and do Share this Post to your Friends.

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