How to prevent wastage of water

How to prevent wastage of water

There is no life if water not exist. Even there is no living without water. We humans need water for everythin likewise plants too need water. Water is most dependable and necessary one. But due to overpopulation and pollution, water scarcity threat us. Even though Around 71% of Earth surface is filled with water and rest is land surface,we met scarcity due to


                   1. Over Population and
                    2.Air Pollution

Water also exists in air so Air pollution pollute water and make it toxic.

First we accept that water is the soul of life then only we get the mentality to preserve it.


Sources of Water

  • Rain

  • Glacier

  • Oceans

  • Air


For my sake Rain is God's gift. As it is pure and tasty. We can drink directly. There are so many ways to preserve rain water
Rain water Harvesting is the one essential method to convert rain water into ground water thus increase ground water level.In some countries government announced several schemes for saving Rainwater.


In simple Glaciers are ice mountain . It is the source of rivers.
For eg: gangotri glacier is the source of River Ganga in Himalayas
We know that there are 5 oceans namely arctic antarctic atlantic pacific & indian ocean. These water are not useful due to
Salinity but there are so many methods and process to treat sea water to drinking water by reverse osmosis or ultra violent treatment.


We obviously know that Air is so-called water. As when heating water it evaporates into air when cooling air we get water. It's all science . None can stop this conservation. It is natural but polluting Air by releasing toxic gases isn't natural. So avoid polluting air.

Ways to save water


  •  Save rain water by directly infiltrate to ground through Rainwater harvesting method.

  •  Filter chemically used water before exposed to outside environment

  •  Recycle the used water and use it again. It will save water

  •  Avoid using shower for bathing

  •  Close the water tank without any gap.

  •  Use non absorptive material  to contain water.

  •  Organise Awareness programs to public and make them participate in it and encourage them.

  •  Even National organisation may think about it and make effective mou between countries to facilitate the control over pollution.

  •  Last but not least do save water for your future generation and take pledge to yourself.