Top 10 Uses of OTG cable Over Smartphones-Lifehack Tips Using OTG cable

Top 10 Uses of OTG cable Over Smartphones-Lifehack Tips Using OTG cable

What is usb OTG:

Abbreviated as OTG-On The Go
OTG cable is the connecting device that connect your smartphone with some External device.And we all know we can connect Pendrive to the smartphone by using OTG cable.But what's more?What's next? That's all about OTG!
The answer is "NO".We can use it for various purpose and connect various devices to enhance your smartphone ability.Let's Explore.

1.Connect Keyboard

Yes.You can connect Keyboard to your smartphone via OTG cable.Just connect your USB keyboard to OTG and OTG to smartphone.This is very helpful when you type long document on smartphone.

2.Connect USB Mouse

You can connect USB Mouse to Smartphone through OTG cable and do whatever you want to do.

3.Connect USB Fan

USB fan cost like 5$ or even less.If you want good quality one,Xiaomi launched it's USB fan at Price of 3$.You can buy through their official website.Just by connect it to usb OTG It works .If you are so sweat or anything else to cooldown soon you can use USB Fan to chill it.

4.Connect CardReader

Fourth One is CardReader.Yeah!.You can connect the CardReader to your Phone via OTG.Afterthat you can delete, move, paste files in the MemoryCard by usinf your Smartphone.

5.Connect GameController

It is true that you can connect Gaming controller (i.e)USB Joystick to your Smartphone and Play games by using USB Joystick.You can play any Games that Supports Game Controller

6.USB Light

You can connect USB light to your Android Phone via OTG.This will come handy when you have no Electricity.This is way more better than your Smartphone flashlight.

7.Connect LAN Cable

You can connect your LAN cable to your Smartphone.For that you have to buy dedicated controller called LAN to USB controller.It will cost you like 5-6$.Once you bought this connect your Phone to OTG cable and Connect the LAN cable to controller and controller to OTG.

8.Connect Harddrive

It is obvious that you can not only connect Pendrive But also Harddrive to your Smartphone via OTG.If you have Harddrive just try this out.You have all access from your Smartphone.

9.Connect DSLR

You can Connect your DSLR with your AndroidPhone and Control it.There is an App called DSLR dashboard.you have to install it on your Phone,then you can control your DSLR camera through Phone.

10.USB SoundCard

The last but not least is SoundCard.Yes you can Connect soundcard to your Smartphone via OTG cable.If your 3.5mm Audio Jack is not working or want many port more than one, Soundcard is the only choice as it has more than one port so as you can connect many Earphones.

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