How to find out whether your Smartphone supports VR or Not?Where to buyBest VR Headset in India?

How to find out whether your Smartphone supports VR or Not?Where to buyBest VR Headset in India?

                   Hello friends today I come up with an Interesting topic VR-Virtual Reality.Yeah Everyone may have heard this name.Today even every Mid range smartphones have the facility to experience the Virtual Reality.But many of us don’t know whether our phone supports VR or not?.Someone may aware of & got to know the Way to find Out VR capability on their phone by seeing Phone specification.But  many of us doesn't even know what VR is maybe they are new to this Mobile world.I am going to tell you the easy way to find out whether your Smartphone supports VR.
Yeah! friends it is so easy 

  • If your phone has YouTube app then go to that App if not please install it from Google Playstore.

Play some videos you like from the app, you may see a three dot at the top of the right corner.Look out the image below to find out

Click that then small window opens below the screen like the image given below.

You will see there is an option "View in Cardboard"Click it

After that your Screen splits up into two equal half  like the below image


Now move ur phone i.e Turn or Rotate your phone Now you may see your youtube video also rotates alongside your phone.If it is not moving and standstill then your phone is not supported to experience VR.

But those who found your phone is not capable of VR ?! Don't worry there are many smartphones at affordable price having VR support If you want Just Buy a New one.

Other Way to Check VR support

If you are good at Browsing then Search your Phone model and Look out your phone specification.If you see Gyroscope sensor in Sensors section then your phone is VR capable.please make sure that it is Gyroscope sensor not G-sensor.G-sensor is Gravity sensor.note that Both are different sensors.If you need more info just google it and learn the differences.

I list out some Budget Smartphones that are VR capable.

It is not over yet.Now the Last thing is VR headset,By this only you will enjoy Virtual reality.It costs from 300 to even 70000RS.

I listed Out some Good VR headset given below.I hope you will love it.

Below 1000RS

You may get VR at 200RS But friends I have to mention that those are Poor in Quality and make your eyes stressed as their Lens are of bad quality.I recommend you to buy  below Headsets to get the Best feedback.

  • If you want Budget VR headset Best Buy:

  • If you want Pro VR headset Best Buy: