Tamil among the World languages-Greatness Of Tamil and its Civilization

Tamil among the World languages-Greatness Of Tamil and its Civilization

There are 2796 languages ​​in the world. These include literary grammar in 600 languages. Of these, over 2000 years old history has six languages: Tamil, Chinese, Latin, Euphor, Greek, and Aramaic. Next comes the Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and other languages. Latina and Ibrahu are dead languages.

The Israeli government is engaged in an attempt to revive the language of the language. There was no talk of Greek at all. The writing case is limited. The languages ​​spoken in the Indian subcontinent are 1652. Only 22 languages ​​are included in the National Languages ​​of India and included in Table 8 of the Indian Constitution. These are the only languages ​​in which Tamil is the only language of origin, predecessor, generosity, isolation, youthfulness, prosperity, motherhood, purity, refined, triple, sweetness, loneliness, pride, morality, essence, tenderness, tenderness, leadership and arrogance.

Tamil only has the status of cultural language in Indian languages. Sri Lanka, Singapore, shines as the official language of the country. In the Malaysian language the language is the language of language. Canada (Canada) has approved recognition of the degree of study in Tamil. Tamil is the language spoken by Tamils ​​in 57 countries on the world stage. Tamil is the only Asian language widely spoken anywhere in the world. Therefore, Tamil Today has become one of the international languages.

Tamils ​​are a language. They have received qualifications as multinational. It is because Tamil is the language of these specialties. In 1885, the diligent version of the Dravidian languages ​​published by scholar Robert Caldwell demanded that he be declared Tamil highlight in 1885. Panditirai Devar, who founded the Fourth Tamil Sangam in Madurai, was the backdrop of his efforts, the self-respecting thinker Mrs. Puranalingam Pillai.

The Western scholars have established that Dr. Emino, scholar Sigenbahl, George Hart, Clearson, Gamilsuwalpil, Noam Shamsky, Winslow, Grant, Rennal, Matt, Riyas David, etc. are equipped with the North Tamil Tamil Classical qualifications.Do not hesitate to speak our Tamil language anymore

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