According to the Gregorian calendar, it is 338th (this is 339th year in Leap Year) day of December 4th year. There are still 27 days left in the year

❗ Important events of December 4

1796 - Bajirao II appointed Peshwa.

1829 - Viceroy Lord William Bentin ended the practice.

1860 - Agostino Lorenzo of Margao of Goa took the doctorate in chemistry from the University of Paris. He became the first Indian to hold a doctorate from foreign university.

1952 - Thousands of people died in England due to the dense layer of smog.

1959 - Signing of Gandak Irrigation and Power Project between India and Nepal.

1967 - The country's first rocket 'Rohini RH 75' was launched from Thumba.

1971 - United Nations Security Council called an emergency session in view of the worsening situation between India and Pakistan.

Indian Navy attacked Pakistan Navy and Karachi

1977 - Arab Front formed against Egypt

1984 - Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped Kuwait airline plane and killed four passengers.

1995 - S. No. America became Davis Cup champion

1996 - NASA has launched another spacecraft 'Mars Pathfounder' for Mars.

1999 - S. No. Seattle talks failed because of America's stubborn stand, the announcement of the next round in Geneva, the Russian forces occupied Angun City of Grogri.

2003 - Ashok was elected to the 12th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Gahlot Assembly Constituency

2004 - Maria Julia Montilla Garcia of Peru was elected Miss World 2004.

2006 - Nearly one thousand people die after a storm in a village in the Philippines.

2008 - Famous historian Romila Thapar was elected for the honor of Cluj.

2012 - 29 people die in mortar attack in Syria

❗ December 4th person born

1910 - Ramaswamy Venkataraman, eighth President of India

1919 - Indra Kumar Gujral - India's Twelfth Prime Minister

1910 - Motilal - Actor from Hindi cinema

1888 - Ramesh Chandra Majumdar - Historian.

1898 - Karyamivakam Srinivasan Krishnan - The famous Indian physicist.

1979 - Suneeta Rani - famous Indian female player.

1892 - Vidyabhushan Vibhu - was one of the well-known literary figures.

 died December 4th

1962 - Annanananand - Leading Writer in Artists Writing Best Comedians in Hindi

❗ December 4 important occasions and festivals

Indian Navy Day