December 4-Important Events,History,Important Occasion

December 4-Important Events,History,Important Occasion

According to the Gregorian calendar, it is 338th (this is 339th year in Leap Year) day of December 4th year. There are still 27 days left in the year

❗ Important events of December 4

1796 - Bajirao II appointed Peshwa.

1829 - Viceroy Lord William Bentin ended the practice.

1860 - Agostino Lorenzo of Margao of Goa took the doctorate in chemistry from the University of Paris. He became the first Indian to hold a doctorate from foreign university.

1952 - Thousands of people died in England due to the dense layer of smog.

1959 - Signing of Gandak Irrigation and Power Project between India and Nepal.

1967 - The country's first rocket 'Rohini RH 75' was launched from Thumba.

1971 - United Nations Security Council called an emergency session in view of the worsening situation between India and Pakistan.

Indian Navy attacked Pakistan Navy and Karachi

1977 - Arab Front formed against Egypt

1984 - Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped Kuwait airline plane and killed four passengers.

1995 - S. No. America became Davis Cup champion

1996 - NASA has launched another spacecraft 'Mars Pathfounder' for Mars.

1999 - S. No. Seattle talks failed because of America's stubborn stand, the announcement of the next round in Geneva, the Russian forces occupied Angun City of Grogri.

2003 - Ashok was elected to the 12th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Gahlot Assembly Constituency

2004 - Maria Julia Montilla Garcia of Peru was elected Miss World 2004.

2006 - Nearly one thousand people die after a storm in a village in the Philippines.

2008 - Famous historian Romila Thapar was elected for the honor of Cluj.

2012 - 29 people die in mortar attack in Syria

❗ December 4th person born

1910 - Ramaswamy Venkataraman, eighth President of India

1919 - Indra Kumar Gujral - India's Twelfth Prime Minister

1910 - Motilal - Actor from Hindi cinema

1888 - Ramesh Chandra Majumdar - Historian.

1898 - Karyamivakam Srinivasan Krishnan - The famous Indian physicist.

1979 - Suneeta Rani - famous Indian female player.

1892 - Vidyabhushan Vibhu - was one of the well-known literary figures.

 died December 4th

1962 - Annanananand - Leading Writer in Artists Writing Best Comedians in Hindi

❗ December 4 important occasions and festivals

Indian Navy Day