History of December 11-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History of December 11-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History Of DECEMBER 11

December 11 is the 3rd day of the Gregorian year. On the 346th day in leap years. There are more than 20 days for the end of the year.

Important Events

1282 - The Last Tribal Prince of Wales was killed by the last legile.

1789 - The oldest university in the United States was founded by North Carolina University (Chapel Hill).

1792 - French Revolution: France's sixteenth Louis King was charged with treason and was interrogated.

1816 - 19th state of Indiana United States.

1907 - New Zealand parliamentary building burned fire on fire.

1917 - British forces rescued Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire.

1927 - Communists seized the city of Guangzhou in China and announced that it was transformed into Guangzhou by the Soviet Union.

1931 - Westminster Act 1931 was adopted in the British Parliament by law to maintain its full constitution for Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa.

1936 - King Edward Edward, the king of the United Kingdom.

1937 - was arrested and murdered by the rulers of Estonia, John Entwald Stalin.

1941 - World War II: Germany and Italy announced war on the United States.

1946 - United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was established.

1958 - Upper Walla announced release from France.

1964 - Che Guevara addressed the UN General Assembly in New York City. When he was speaking, a bomb attack on the UN building took place.

1972 - Apollo landed on the 17th.

1981 - In El Salvador, soldiers killed nearly 900 civilians as a step in the country's civil war.

1993 - 48 people killed in a high-rise building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital.

1994 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin sent Russian troops to Chechnya.

1998 - 101 people died in the fall of the Thai plane.


1781 - Sir David Brewer, Scottish Physicist. (E.g. 1868)

1803 - Hector Berioz, French composer (c.1869)

1843 - Robert Coke, German scientist and physician (e.g. 1910)

1882 - Max Bourne, German physicist and Nobel laureate, (c. 1970)

1882 - Subramanya Bharathi, poet (1921)

1890 - Mark Dobby, American Ethnic Artist (c.1976)

1911 - Nakib Mahfouz, Nobel laureate Egyptian writer (e.g. 2006)

1918 - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel Prize-winning Russian writer (E. 2008)

1931 - Osho, spiritual leader of India, (1990.)

1935 - Pranab Mukherjee, Indian Politician

1951 - Peter T. Daniels, linguist

1954 - Prasantha, Prime Minister of Nepal

1958 - Raghuvaran, actor (E. 2008)

1969 - Vishwanathan Anand, Indian chess player

1980 - Arya, Tamil film actor


1937 - John Anwold, President of Estonia (P. 1884)

2004 - M. S. Suchulakshmi, a carnatic musician (P. 1916)

Special day

Burkina Faso - Republic Day (1958)