History of December 12-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History of December 12-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History Of 12.12.2018

December 12 is the 3rd day of the Gregorian year. On the 347th day in leap years. The end of the year is 19 days.

Important Events

627 - The Byzantine Empire Army defeated the Persian forces led by Heraklia.

1098 - Pope II Arban's forces attacked Syrians' mart-al-Nu'menan city and killed 20,000 civilians.

1787 - Pennsylvania is the second state in the United States.

1812 - The French invasion of Russia ended.

1817 - New South Wales Governor Lucknow Macquarie nominated Australia for colonial rule.

1862 - The United States' USS Gairoo, a weapon of the United States, was trapped in the Yassy River.

1871 - The complete solar eclipse observed in Jaffna. A scientist group led by UK astronomer Norman Locker came to visit Jaffna.

1901 - Marconi received radio signals from Canada in New Zealand for the first time in the Atlantic Ocean.

1911 - The capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

1923 - 600 people were killed in the outbreak of the Po's River in Italy.

1939 - Winter war: Finland's forces defeated Soviet forces in the Tolvarjivi.

1940 - At least 70 people were killed by German planes bombing a restaurant in Sheffield, England.

1941 - World War II: British Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania announced war on the United States and India and Japan.

 1941 - The American war cruiser attacked four Japanese ships by Wake Island.

1941 - Adolf Hitler announced the expulsion of Jews.

1942 - 100 people were killed in a fire in a hotel in Newfinland.

1948 - 14 people from Scotland, who were stationed in Malaysia, killing 24 civilians and burning the village in Pathang Galle.

1963 - Kenya freed from the United Kingdom.

1979 - The name Rhodesia was changed to Zimbabwe.

1984 - In the military revolution in Mauritania, President Mohammed Kauna Haitala was removed and Maooya Sidhah Ali became new president.

1985 - All 256 passengers were killed when a plane carrying 248 military personnel in the United States in Newfoundland in Canada.

1988 - Two tents were struck in London, killing 35 people and wounding more than 100.

1991 - Russia acquired from the Soviet Union.

1997 - Kalutara Prison Murders: Three Tamil political prisoners were slaughtered by Sinhala prisoners at Kalutara Prison in Sri Lanka.


1863 - Edward Manch, painter (c.1944)

1927 - Robert Nice, engineer (c. 1990)

1949 - Rajinikanth, South Indian actor

1950 - Eric Maskin, Nobel Laureate American

1981 - Yuvraj Singh, an Indian cricketer

1931 - Chowar Janaki, South Indian actress


1940 - Thiagi Viswanathadas dramatist and nationalist (P. 1886)

2006 - e. Rathinapapati, who started the Eroos Eelam Revolutionary Student Movement, one of the Eelam struggle movements (P.1938)

Special day

Kenya - Liberation Day (1963)