History of December 2-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History of December 2-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History of December 2

According to the Gregorian calendar, 336th anniversary of the 2nd December is the day (337th day in the leap year). There are still 29 days left in the year.

Important events of December 2

There was a blast in the Lamding Tinsukia Mail at Diphu railway station in Assam, causing death of 2 and 30 injuries.

1804 - Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned as the French Emperor.

1848 - France became the first emperor of Joseph of France.

1911 - George V and Queen Mary become the first King, Queen of Britain to come to India. Gateway of India was built in memory of his Bombay (now Mumbai) arrival.

1942 - Sri Arvindo Ashram School was established in Pondicherry (now Puducherry), which was later known as Sri Arvindo International Center of Education.

1965 - Border Security Force was established.

1971 - United Arab Emirates announces independence from Britain

1976 - Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba

1982 - Socialist majority in the first parliament of Spain and elected Philip Prime Minister Gonzalez

1989 - Vishwanath Pratap Singh becomes the seventh Prime Minister of the country.

1995 - Judge of the Barring's Bank Conde Nick Leason sentenced to six and a half years in prison by a Singapore court.

1999 - Private sector investment in insurance sector is approved in India.

2002 - 219 people were rescued from a burning ship 'Widdestar' on the island of Bora-Bora in the Pacific Ocean.

2003 - United Nations War Criminal Court, located in The Hague, former military commander of the Bosnian Serb, Moser Nikolik was convicted in the Serbenica massacre in 1995 and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

2005 - Government of Pakistan has enacted laws to prohibit the publishing of religious education and literature for the spread of religious hatred and terrorism by the madarsas.

2006 - 208 people die and 261 people injured in the devastation of volcano in Philippines.

2007 - Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf banned protests and rallies in view of the proposed elections on January 8.

2008 - Punjab National Bank cuts FCNR interest rates

December 2 person born

1886 - Baba Raghavdas - A famous public servant and saint of Uttar Pradesh.

1963 - Shiva Iyadurai - is a famous Indian-American scientist.

1901 - Pitambar Datta Badhwal - associate of noted Hindi writer and scholar Acharya Ramchandra Shukla.

1937 - Manohar Joshi, Famous Politician, Former Speaker of the House

1912 - B. Nagi Reddy, Famous Producer-Director of South Indian Cinema

1939 - Achla Nagar, Famous Film Screenplay Writer

1855 - N.G. Chandavarkar - was the President of the Indian National Congress.

 Death on December 2

1969 - Clement Voroshilov - President of the Soviet Union.

1918 - Gurudas Banerjee - India's premier educationist.

2014 - Deven Verma - Famous comedian of Hindi cinema.

AR Antulay - Indian politician and 8th Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

2012 - Preeti Ganguly - The character of Hindi cinema was the actress.

1996 - Marri Chenna Reddy - Chief Minister of the Provincial Congress Committee and P.C. Member for 30 years of Working Committee.

December 2 important events and festivals

International Das custom eradication day

National Pollution Control Day

International Computer Literacy Day