History of December 6-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

History of December 6-Important Events,Festivals,Born and Deaths of famous People

6th December history 

According to the Gregorian calendar, it is 340th (this 341th year in Leap Year) day of December 6th year. There are still 25 days left in the year

Important events of December 6 

1907 - The first incident of robbery related to India's freedom struggle took place at Chingari Pota Railway Station.

1917 - Finland announces independence from Russia.

1926 - Firak Gorakhpuri was a political prisoner of the British Government in the early period of his literary career.

1946 - Hammager organization was established.

1978 - In the European country Spain, the Constitution was adopted.

1983 - A bus blast in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem killed six civilians.

1990 - Under the efforts to prevent war, Iraq's President Saddam Hussein ordered the release of all foreign hostages made in Iraq and Kuwait.

1992 - Ayodhya disputed Babri Masjid structure has been dropped As a result, about 400 people were killed in the violence.

1997 - International Climate Conference In Kyoto (Japan) commencement

1998 - Sweden becomes Davis Cup winner for the second consecutive time by defeating Italy, 13th Asian Games.

Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela.

1999 - 283 prisoners fugitive from Indonesian prison.

2001 - Taliban agree on putting weapons in Afghanistan

2002 - Carlos Moya of Spain was given the title 'ATP European Player of the Year'.

2007 - Australia's schools now allow Sikh students to carry misery and Muslim girls wear hijab in classrooms.

2008 - Central Bank cuts repo rate and reverse rate by one per cent. Combined maneuvers, Exercise Hand in Hand 2008, started between Belgaum, Karnataka, India and China.

2012 - During the demonstration in Egypt, seven people were killed and 770 injured.

December 6th person born

1732 - Warren Hastings - First Governor General of East India Company

1896 - Brijlal Vayani - was the principal social and political activist of Madhya Pradesh.

During December 6

2015 - Ram Mohan - Famous Indian character actor

2009 - Bina Rai - was a famous actress in Hindi films.

1956 - Bhimrao Ambedkar, a Bahujan political leader and a Buddhist revivalist.

1998 - Major Hoshiar Singh, Param Vir Chakra honored Indian soldiers

December 6 important occasions and celebrations

Civil protection day

Homeguard Installation Day