Trisha Hot and Sexy Photos-Cleavage show in Bikini & Near-nude Pictures

Trisha Hot and Sexy Photos-Cleavage show in Bikini & Near-nude Pictures

Looking at Trisha's Hot and Sexy Photos, Images, and Photoshoot in Bikini or in some sexy Outfits will make a Buzz online. Go down below to give your eyes a treat by watching her Sexy Figure and the Beauty of her Skin.


Trisha Krishnan, known as Trisha, is an Indian actress and model, who primarily works in Tamil and Telugu language films. She was noticed after winning several beauty pageants like the Miss Madras contest, which marked her entry into the film industry.

#1 Trisha Krishnan looks amazing in Black Lingerie

Trisha Krishnan looks amazing in Black Lingerie

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#3. Trisha Krishnan sexy Photoshoot hot Navel show

#4. Trisha Deep Cleavage Pics

#5. Trisha Krishnan horse ride in Bikini

#6. Trisha Krishnan in Tight Innerwear 

#7. Trisha in Bikini removing Straps

#8. South Indian Actress Trisha in Mini Dress smoking hot

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#14. Trisha poses in Saree But with Underwear(Edited) 
#15. Trisha reveals her Beautiful Navel
#16. Trisha Krishnan shows off her tattoo But that reveals too much of Cleavage
#17. Actress Trisha's Glamourous Photoshoot
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#19. Even Trish Poses sensation while doing Homework
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#25. Trisha Black & White Bikini, Bra Images

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#32. In Desi Style=Sexieness Overloaded

#33. In Beachside wearing Bikini to Relax the Body and Mind

#34. Trisha in Swimwear enjoying the Beauty of Beach

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#36. Trish again in Bikini Photoshoot

#37. Trisha Krishnan in Two-piece

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