How to download Older version of an App- Android Only

How to download Older version of an App- Android Only

                 Many of Us felt that Older version is quite good rather than an updated one.Yeah,it is true that when an Update comes it may have some bugs that will be cured on the further update. So it is certain that everyone have an previous app backup or any source that provide the Older version.
There are many ways to get the previous app.But backup app from our smartphone is highly recommended as it doesn't affected or infected by any Malware we knew.But from any unknown website or blog it may get some malware that will ruin your Phone's software.So i suggest you to get the periodic backup of an app that you have and install it when you need.

The Best backup App for Android Users :
                            1.App Backup and Restore  - GOOGLE STORE

                            2,CM Backup                        -GOOGLE STORE

                            3.Easy Backup                       -GOOGLE STORE

                            4.Titanium Backup                 -GOOGLE STORE
                            5,Super Backup                      -GOOGLE STORE

If You don't have a Backup then download the outdated application from the website which is somewhat genuine
         I recommend                
                            1.Mobogenie-Click here
                            2.9Apps        -Click here
                            3.getjar         -Click here

         Today many websites surfing around the Internet and many of them are malicious and dangerous and have infectious virus that will destroy your phone when your download from them.So be cautious and use protected Websites.
      Click the Below Link to find out how to identify the websites which is protected and private
              How to find out if the website is safe or not?