Best Two URL Shortener to shorten your url Links

Best Two URL Shortener to shorten your url Links

URL Shortener is the Tool to reduce the Link of the page and make it precise.It looks decent and no Space consuming.But due to Internet Aging it give raise to Adnetwork to make use of it.Many Ad companies established their URL shortener which pays per click to their users.They redirect the link to the intermediate page where they ask to do survey filling,capacha entry or image matching or make you wait for 10 to 15 seconds to take us to their respective pages. It is one typing of earning some bucks online.
If you want to reduce your desired Link's Length then There are the URL SHORTENER that doesn't popup any ads page and they are highly recommendable and popular.

The most commonly used two Link shorteners are Google URL Shortener and Bitly Shortener.

Google URL Shortener

How to start using Google URL Shortener

  • After you’ve published your article, get the URL.
  • Go to Google URL Shortener.
  • Paste your URL in the field, confirm you aren’t a robot, and click on Shorten URL.

Bitly URL Shortener

Why Optimizing the Link is Key to Customer Experience from Bitly on Vimeo.