How To save Electricity/Reduce Curreny Bill

How To save Electricity/Reduce Curreny Bill


                 Today Electricity is essential for living in various aspect. We use electricity for everything it involves life. We all depending on electricity for every action we do.but at the same instance the cost of electricity is huge. In average we pay 10% of our salary to electricity bills. Here how you reduce your Electricity bill by lowering your power consumption


        In the short life we don't have more time to off the switch after using the plug. Just think when did you last unplug your smartphone charger. The answer is never as it always in on mode. Every device must consume residual amount of charge even in idle state.so kindly unplug your device when not in use.


   We know sometimes power is getting low voltage and in sometime we got high voltage. So using stabiliser for high power consumed device is more helpful in all aspects like preventing your costly product and also minimize power usage upto 20 %.
Don't think of it.

3. Use laptop instead of pc

Yeah, In every home they will have either PC or Laptop. My suggestion is please go on laptops as it has following benefits

  • It is portable

  • It is compact and no installation space is needed

  • It consumes less power when compared to Personal computer or Desktop as it has many units like cpu monitor keyboard mouse etc


4.Use energy friendly devices

  For example use led light instead of incandescent bulbs as led uses less power than incandescent and floursent bulbs. Lets go to the latest technology as it definitely advances in every part.

5. Replace your old stuff

    You still use your old electric cooker old grinder old guyser please do replace it with new one. Old device may take more power due to ageing of electronic spare in the device.

6. Update to latest version

   Update every hardware and software to its latest version because latest version do fix some bugs which is present on the past version.so it truly improve efficiency of your devices by upgrading it to the latest upgrade.